My predictions for 2012 Lineup (Updated January 26th 2012)

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UPDATE: Incase you are unaware 13 acts have now been confirmed as playing T in the Park 2012. Check out the main page for more information on who is playing.


So it’s a long time away and the only solid announcement has been Stone Roses so far, but I’m going to put my cards on the table and give a rundown of the bands/artists I think will be at T in the Park 2012.

My first one is Snow Patrol. This is due to them having an arena tour for their new album “Fallen Empires” starting at the beginning of 2012, are always a dead cert to be playing the festival once every few years and their last appearance was 2009. This pretty much makes them a definite hot favourite for returning to the stage.

Download: Snow Patrol “Fallen Empires” Fallen Empires - Snow Patrol

UPDATE: Ed has just been announced to play at Rockness which going by past festivals pretty much rules him out of playing T in the Park too.

My next pretty hot tip is Ed Sheeran. He has shot up in fame over the past few months and this is one of the things that makes him very likely to make an appearance at the festival next year. Which stage is something that I wouldn’t be able to even guess at this point. We shall just have to wait and see how well his fame keeps up over the next 6 months or so, but I’ve got good feelings about him showing up. If he does end up playing T in the Park 2012, it will definitely be on the Friday or the Saturday, with my money on Saturday. Sorry to anyone with Sunday tickets only who wanted to see him, but it’s not going to happen.

Download Ed Sheeran “+” + (Deluxe Version) - Ed Sheeran

Another one to break the ranks this year is Charlie Simpson. Having progressed from teen hearthrob in Busted to the much heavier sound of Fightstar he appears to have finally broken into the mainstream with the release of his debut album “Young Pilgrim“. I would say he would probably be on one of the smaller tents.

Download: Charlie Simpson “Young Pilgrim” from Young Pilgrim (Deluxe Edition) - Charlie Simpson

I also have a feeling that perhaps David Guetta could make an appearance this year. His rise in popularity has made him in high demand for the festival and hasn’t played since 2010. This makes him a pretty good shout for an act.

UPDATE CONFIRMED! Having just released her new album “Ceremonials”, I’m putting Florence and the Machine onto our rumours list as they haven’t played since 2010 and are doing a UK and Ireland tour next year as well as being on the bill for Benicassim next year too.  It’s hard to say which stage I would put her on just now but I can imagine that they would be maybe mid afternoon to early evening slot.

Download: Florence and the Machine “Ceremonials”Ceremonials - Florence + The Machine

Another one I’m going to put out there is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Having just resumed performing after the departure of John Frusciante. They are back on the scene with the release of their latest album “I’m With You” and haven’t played at T in the Park since 2006 AND also having an arena tour in the UK around June, this puts them quite high up my appearance list too.

Download: Red Hot Chili Peppers “I’m with You” I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers

UPDATE CONFIRMED! Next prediction is for local Scottish girl Emeli Sande, having recently shot to fame with her debut single “Heaven” and more recently seen success with her duet with Professor Green, to appear at the festival. Perhaps in a tent, or a midafternoon slot. Asking her on twitter if she would be touring next year her reply was “@Pinthedark thank you :) yes lots of touring next year!” which puts her on my rumours list right from the start. Whether she will be asked to play is another thing, but being Scottish and her burst in recent popularity makes her a very good chance in my eyes.

Download: Emeli Sande Emeli Sandé

With the release of his latest album “Sonik Kicks” in March 2012, Paul Weller is also doing a few tour dates in spring 2012. He hasn’t played T in the Park since 2006 and he is always certain to draw a big crowd. T in the Park also usually have a few very similar acts over the weekend and with Stone Roses already announced it’s almost certain that there will be a few other indie bands announced, Weller being a pretty strong contender of being one of them.


Update: Looking very unlikely that Bruce will be playing T in the Park this year.

Having  just announced a European tour next year, with conveniently the 6th and the 8th of July free, I’m going to throw Bruce Springsteen into my rumours. He is a legend of the 80’s with a huge back catalogue and could quite easily draw a large enough crowd to see him. I’d put him on maybe second to headliners on the Sunday night.

UPDATE CONFIRMED! Couple more new ones for you guys. I’m going to throw in Feeder into my predictions. They have got a new album due for release in the start of 2012 called “Generation Freakshow”. Feeder haven’t played T in the Park since 2008. Always guaranteed to put on a fantastic sing song show. It would be a welcomed return for the band.

UPDATE: Biffy have also been announced for Rockness and this is a good hint that they won’t be appearing at T in the Park this year. Hopefully not though, but we shall have to wait for the official announcement to find out for sure.

Going to also put Biffy Clyro in my list of rumoured bands. They haven’t played since 2010, yet also haven’t released a new album since 2009. I’m not going to say that they are a strong rumour, but given their scottish roots it’s a very good chance that they will get a slot in the lineup.


This one I’m going to throw in there for the sheer fun of it, but it appears it has been leaked that Madonna is in the area around the time of T in the Park 2012. Whether she would ever be asked to play is questionable, but she certainly does have a back catalogue to be able to have a relatively high up slot at T. Would the crowd love it though? How many of you guys would go and see Madonna at T? I’m not going to put her into the summary below, because frankly I can’t see her playing at T, but if she’s in the area you never know.

For now I’ve exhausted my potential acts, but I’ll no doubt be back with more soon and it will be interesting to see how many of these ones come true.


Headliners for T in the Park 2012 to be Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Stone Roses and Snow Patrol.

Stone Roses definitely on Friday, Chili Peppers and another act on Sat, Snow Patrol and another act to close.

Appearances from David Guetta, Charlie Simpson, Emeli Sande.

On my list for the sheer fun of it, but I doubt they’ll play : Madonna

If you have any predictions or thoughts on who will play T in the Park then get involved. Post a comment below or start discussing with us and others on our twitter

  • Tinthepark


  • Steven S

    Bruce is performing at The Isle of Wight so I’m not sure if he’ll perform here, hopefully!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m hoping that he will make an appearance. Perhaps not even as a headliner, maybe mid afternoon like Tom Jones did. We shall see though.

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  • Steven S

    Really hope so, Love that man!

  • Guest

    Bombay bicycle club/florence and the machine?
    and whats this im hearing about kanye west?

  • Paul

    There’s absolutely no way Bruce Springsteen would be in 2nd slot behind a headliner. Bigger than virtually anyone.

  • admin

    Given that Tom Jones played last year and was given a mid-afternoon slot. I just don’t see Bruce being given a headliner slot at all. I know he’s got a big fan base, but at T in the Park, I just don’t think it appeals to the type of people who would go.

  • Brian Wickham

    DAFT PUNK !!! there rumored to do a world tour next year any way !

  • admin

    Would love to see them play. They always seem to favour Rockness when they do play.

    Perhaps it should be T time.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm Tom Jones playing at 2011 was only given a mid afternoon slot and he’s one of the biggest stars in the world.
    I just don’t see Bruce having the right audience at T to warrant him being a headliner. Still going to say 2nd.

  • Anonymous

    Florence I’m pretty sure will be there. Bombay Bicycle club are a possibility. I’ll keep my eyes open.
    Not heard anything of a Kanye tour yet, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for that too.

  • Anonymous

    Spotted the rumours, but as it’s just an unconfirmed flyer I dunno.
    They normally favour Rockness when they come up this way so could possibly be T’s time to have them.

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  • Calum

    Beezer: Bruce could sell out a TITP sized crowd on his own – he regularly plays 3 hours + at his own shows, there is no way in hell that he will play a slot that is limited to an hour.
    Looking at the rest of your website you guys know relatively little about music and how it works.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t claim to know much about music, I’m a computing student with quite a few T in the Parks under my belt and know that the lineup for the festival is fairly predictable, give or take a few acts.

    I run this site because I enjoy it and enjoy the build up to T in the Park.

  • Steven Spencer

    Emeli’s just been confirmed as an act on the Daily record. This was featured in an interview…

    “Emeli says appearing at T in the Park this summer is going to be one of her 2012 highlights.

    She said: “It’s the one we all talked about when I was studying so to be on the other side performing is an honour.”

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